clutch oil stanks so bad

rode hard last weekend and smelled a horrrible smell...came home and a few days later i changed my clutch oil...the old oil smelled so bad that it almost knocked me off my feet...any ideas...

Sounds like you cooked the clutch. Did you notice any slipping in high gear or less wheel spin when it kicked into the power? Stinking oil means slipping plates.

pull the clutch cover, pressure plate and look at the discs if there worn its toast, and make sure there not discolored which would be caused by excessive heat

hey guys it's time for new plates...any suggestions on which ones

I have nothing but good comments about the Tusk clutch kits. I have them in my clutch eating YZ450f for a year now and they are still fresh looking. I also put the kit in our RM85L supermini bike and clutch fade was reduced and the clutch was still in the bike when I traded it off.

I did use the heavy springs with the kits and it will make the lever pull more. You may want to mix the stock spring in every other hole if you don't like the heavy pull on the lever. You may not want the heavy springs at all, and I don't believe you will have any problems out of the fibers and steels if you use the stock springs.

okay thanks a clutch kit came friday and i put it in...seems like the clutch pull is alot smoother and easier even using the springs that came with the only concern is that my dam basket was knotched kinda bad...i dont know how thats gonna effect it...seems to engaging good..not getting any creeping out of it at all either....thanks again

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