Aftermarket slip on exhaust - Asking input

I just recently bought my '07 KX450. It has an aftermarket spark arrestor added to the stock muffler that is fine for me since I usually ride in areas that require it.

My question is if there is a slip on muffler that still has a spark arrestor, but also significantly reduces the sound of the exhaust?

I love the power of this bike, but I also love not having my ears ringing after a full day of riding even more!

Jardine RT-5 slip on.. they are on ebay.. They are cheap, they are good looking, good sounding have spark arrestor, and they give these bikes MONSTER low-end. I have been running one on my 07 since it was new.

Its a woods pipe, all i did was bolt it on, then the same sections i used to need first gear for, i could immediately lug in 2nd gear with no stalling/flameouts.

ANDDD as long as you keep it packed nice it stays quiet, i havent packed mine in a while and its as loud as stock now.. much quieter though if you keep up with packing.

My buddy has a Leo Vince that's super quiet (94 dB) and he says it doesn't affect his power.

I would get one if it didn't have that stupid carbon fiber mounting system.

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