Pirated pro 125 not running

As the title states my pirated won't run. The bike used to run fine then all of a sudden it just cut off. It's extremely hard to get started but I have managed to get it started and it won't idle, but it runs with a small amount of throttle. I've checked the valves and the plug, both chEcked out good. Could it be a bad cdi?

Clean you pilot jet

The carb has been cleaned and I changed the plug wire. I am now getting a very small spark, but it's a start. Could it possibly be the stator.

could be a worn stator

I can't the stator on your website. Do you have them or will I have to order from pitster

turn out the bike has no compression. So I will be pulling the motor apart tonight :thumbsup:

might be cheaper just to upgrade the motor

Turns out the exhaust valve is slightly bent. And I can't find another valve anywhere. I don't know if it just the pitster or the guy who did the bore, but it's a piece of crap. I aint got to Ride it but 30 minutes. It's a 23mm valve if anybody has any ideas.

Measure the overall length of the valve, and also the valve stem diameter, and post the information here. I think the stock XR/CRF70 intake valve measures 23mm, and has a 5mm valve stem. Not 100% positive, though.

Sounds like 27/23mm lifan head , we have valve kits for them in stock

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The valve I have is 23mm, with 5mm stem, and an overall length of 65mm.

i was actuallly able to straighten out the valve, and do some lapping on it. i have everything back together but i still have to adjust the valves. So once i do that I'll let everybody know if it runs. :thumbsup:

Do you find out why the valve bent, to begin with? If not, you may not be so lucky the next time around..

I bought the bike from the owner of a Honda shop. When i got the bike it only ran about 35mph. I went to check the valves and the adjusting nut and bolt were not even there. When i pulled off the bottom cover there were 2 bolts and only one of the nuts. I got those problems fixed, but was still missing 1 nut. I checked the valves after riding and then the nut turns up and the bike wouldn't start. So i think that nut hit something. But its out of the motor now, so i should be safe.

I got the bike back together and it runs great now. The only problem I have is the jetting. It's got a 131 bore kit, with a 28mm mikuni carb. I'm running a 130 main right now but there is some bogging at the higher rpms. So do I need to drop like a 135 in or maybe a 125?

whoops! i said the main i was using was a 130. I pulled it out today and it was a 135. i put in a 128 but i was running very lean on the plug, but the top end was better. i cant find a jet to give me that good tan color!!!

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