1987 honda 250x screamin demon build


Hey guys, So heres whata up i bought a 87 trx250x for prettY cheap and it needs some work so i figured why nit just build it proper the first time. So hear i am looking for advice and recomendations as to what i should do to this thing. What im loocking for as a end result is and quad that can shred the trails as well as jumps and just good old down the street screaming. So i can evade those buggers called the police if i ever have to( ha ha ha) just kidding on the last part but anyway any and all advice is welcome and i will be posting pics as i make progress. When. I get home ill thtow up some pics of What im starting with. Thanks everyone for reeding and previouse help. LATE ALL

Oh yeah one more thing how do i go about fixing a stripped oild drain plug any suggestions

I stripped mine down and installed a 350X engine and 250R suspension.

much nicer than the original X:thumbsup: I can out run the POPO on their mountain bikes now.

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