Is this a good bike at a good price?

I am looking at purchasing a 2005 SSR 110cc Pit Bike for my 13 yo son. He has a small mini bike and we are looking to upgrade.

The bike we are looking at in on craigslist for $475 and has the following description.

For sale is a 2005 110cc SSR Pit Bike. The bike comes with an aftermarket rear spring/shock absorber ($200), an extra carburetor, a new set of street tires on rims and a set of nearly new offroad tires on rims

We don't want the street tires so he is taking the price down to $400.

Any thoughts are appreciated as we would like to go look at it soon and I really don't know anything about pit bikes at all.


Sounds like a pretty good deal depending on the condition.

Also for the extra $75 if I was you I would get the street tires because you could sell them no problem without alot of investment. (maybe recoup some of the cost.)

I wish there was deals like that around here.

He had pictures posted of it and it looks to be in really good shape. Only two owners and both were adults, it has never been raced and he said it was not ridden a lot by either him or his friend that he bought it from.

He said it is a DX model which is not quite the top model but for a 13 yr old beginning rider I don't think that is a big deal.

Thanks for replying as I need all the help I can get. Is there anything I should look for on the bike when we go look at it? Things that would tell me not to buy it or things that I want to be there to know it is in good shape?

When I go and check out a bike the first thing I look at is the condition of the air filter, then chain followed by the grips.

Sounds crazy but this will give you a good indication of upkeep and if it truely wasn't rode much the grips will still be in good condition. Usually if all these things are in order chances are pretty good the bike has had a good owner.

I can't open links at work.

But I would stick with the SSR.

You are lucky being from the states because if you have any issues with the bike T Bolt USA and or staggsracing will have your back and both places come highly recommended from the forum.

That is good to know because my son already has plans on how he wants to modify the bike that he gets. We were worried about parts availibilityand the best place to get them from.

If he has plans don't let him look at those

Really though nothing about these little bikes is overly expensive and if I had kids this would be my hobby of choice for them.

Thinking about getting my nephew a bike so he can join his aunt and uncle.

My daughter shows horses so I am way to familiar with expensive hobbies. I couldn't talk my son into doing the horse thing so here we are.

He is very mechanically inclined and I think it will give him something fun to do and get him outside at the same time.

Now we have to find all the riding gear too. Any thoughts on what he needs for safe riding? I know that he needs a helmet and gloves. Any brands that are better then others?

It would all depend on the budget.

I would also recommend boots, you can never be to careful about your feet in my opinion.

Other than that get him geared up and let him chase his sister around.... sould be good entertainment.

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