Motor gets louder when clutch is out in neutral

I have an 02 it's my first 4stroke and it is very loud from the engine. I installed a MCCT and it got a little quiet. But I'm noticing now that when I let the clutch out in neutral the motor gets a little louder. I can't tell where it's coming from but I'm guessing the clutch. I don't know much about clutches any advise? WHen the clutch is in it's noticebly quiet

It's pretty typical with the clutch out ie engaged your spinning all the disks and the transmission gears. But just in case check your oil.

Just changed the oil, I'm probably just being paranoid because my cam chain was making a lot of noise recentlty. I did notice it get quiet when I installed the MCCT. I've researched this site and most common engine noises seem to be cam chain, countershaft for the waterpump and something from the clutch. Thanks the insight.

You may want to pull the clutch and check the basket. If it gets quiet its because your taking up slack somewhere in the clutch when the pressure plate is lifted. It gets lifted by trying to push the whole clutch assy out of the case. Of course it doesnt got because the springs yield to the pressure but do you get my drift?

I kind of get it so I would be looking to see if the plates are loose and everything was tight in the basket. And if the waterpump bearing countershaft was bad the bike would likely leak from the weap hole

May be the clutch basket bearing and sleeve

May be the clutch basket bearing and sleeve

im guessing it is the bearing

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