02 DR 200 help on Carb Kit

Hi guys. new DR owner here (have a GSX-R 750) and have read more threads on the air box mod and carb kit than i can count. kinda got pretty confused. can someone please set me up some links on what i need to buy as far as the needle kit. i see everyone saying how it is $70 for a kit that makes your bike almost new. what i dont see is where and what to buy! also any help on modding the air box (like a photo) would be awesome. i have never done this but have a pretty tech savvy friend who can. i just dont want to show up there with no parts or the wrong parts. any help would be great!

Welcome to the club. Jesse's site has a couple things listed for the DR200se.

Scroll down 'bout half way, you'll see the DR200se link.


Now get the 650, boatloads of goodies for the big DR!:thumbsup:


yeah i am just looking at options. actually may be even swapping it for a WR400F.

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