Help can my bike run without the hotstart

So i took my carb and rejettted it and i was going to put my hotstart cabel in the carb but the threads where broken on the plastic bit..Im ordering a new cabel put i was thinking can i ride with out it ?or put some bolt in the threads or even fix the old plastic bit?

no.. you have to have something blocking the passage to prevent an air leak..

buy a procircuit or tokoymods metal hotstart plug..

Couldnt i just use a screw that fits ?

the threads don't go all the way into it.. you would need some sortof plug also.

Pr1malR8gw is right, just get the Pro Circuit and be done with it....I realize spending 30 bucks on something like that sucks but at least you won't have to worry about it anymore.....If you order Motion Pro cables DON"T throw away the rubber boot in the end of the cables....I threw my old cable away and ended up having to spend 15.00 extra dollars for that rubber boot!!!

ah i see ill guess il just have to wait for it to arrive ..i live in a small village outside of iceland

i learned the hard way. mine striped out at the track lost a day of riding. now the pc aluminum one goes in right away. then when i get a new bike i take it off and put the plastic one on the bike im selling. it a must have part.

what i did was leave the plug part in and push a air cap in the hole to hold it in it worked till the pc one came

Yeah my uncle did the same thing, he hated the hot start because it kept freezing up on him.

Update: i made my own plug ..just like the pro circitu one

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