200 mxc jetting help

Just rebuilt my 03 KTM 200 mxc with some new mods, and I am about to rejet a 2-stroke for my first time so I want to make sure I get this right. Here is what I have been running: 45 pilot, 178 main, NOZE needle 3rd clip. That is with a FMF gnarly pipe and powercore 2 silencer. Premix ratio is 40:1, bike ran good with little to no splooge.

The conditions I ride in: So cal, 0-800 ft elevation, 75-90 deg. F, little humidity.

The mods I did with the rebuild: Engine porting (exhaust port), head polished (no cutting), thinner base gasket (about .75mm to .4), Vforce3 reeds, and wiseco stock size piston. Still have the Gnarly pipe with powercore 2.

Im not sure how these mods will affect jetting. The guy who did my engine work said to go up 2 main jet sizes and get the next richest needle or go down a clip. Sounds right, but I would like to hear what you guys think.

Should i change the pilot jet too or is turning the air screw good enough?

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