DRZ400s Rear Compression Question

I have a 2005 DRZ400s, I am running a motard setup.

My issue is the Low Speed (small screw inside nut) compression adjustment - it simply spins endlessly in either direction with very little resistance.

There is no leaking and other than the fact that it is "stuck" at a setting that is too soft works fine. I am looking for Max Stiffness - if it has to be stuck at one setting.

Any ideas on how to fix / adjust?

the screw has been forced passed its internal stops and broken, the only repair is a new shock.

Check e-bay

E. marquez had a post about this exact topic recently, saying the only way to fix it is to get a new shock and replace the part.

But you might as well just use the new shock and not mess with the valve.


Ouch - thanks

You can get a rear shock on ebay for fairly cheap.

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