Crossfire, Sg12, or Tech 10s

I'm looking into buying a new pair of boots, my current boots (2001 Alpinestars Tech 6s) have been riding with me for ten years now and I believe its time to retire them since I can no longer buy sole inserts or find toe caps for them. I'm looking at the Sidi Crossfire, Sg12, and the Alpinestars Tech 10s but am not sure which to go with. My local bike shop would rather carry all of the above brands superbike race boots (because we all need those on the road lol) but has neglected to carry many motocross boots, so that kills the idea of trying them on. I guess im just looking for good or bad experiances with any of the above in hopes that I can gain some insight on the pros and cons them all.

Sidi stands behind their product. This past winter I hit a rock real hard and had a sole start to separate on my Crossfires. They were 21 months old. I sent them to Motonation and they sent me a brand new pare of boots. I have been wearing Sidi’s for the past 9 years (ever since I broke my ankle in lower grade boots) and I am quite happy with them.


tech 8's awesome boot and looks sick

you just listed three of the best boots made! its a matter of prefrence now. tech 10 fits and feels like a sneaker but will not last as long as the others. sg12 very solid high toe hight with not a lot of feel to it. but comfy. i only had the chargers with sidi but comfy most movement good fell all around good boot lowest toe hight of the three. if longevity wasnt the issue tech 10s are good. if you want longgevity sg12 they are solid. sidi in the middle.

My 2 YO $579 T-10's have the main backstrap cracking and the only thing Astars will do is sell me a pair at cost around $460, when this thing is done breaking I will have to trash them

This is my last Astars anything.

narrow feet crossfires, wide feet sg 10/12.

pretty big difference in width, so that would determine it for me.

holy cow, there are like THREE "which boot" threads on the first page of this forum ..

i like sidi personally.

I just got a pair of SG-10s and if you're set on the SG-12, that's the ticket. I can't say enough about the Gaerne boots. Crazy comfortable and zero break-in time. Love 'em!

i ordered a pair of sidi crossfire's today, $800 later :thumbsup:

I've had good experiences with tech-8s and a-stars customer service. My boots weren't fitting correctly and they sent me some new inserts and stickers free of charge

I went from sg-10's to Crossfire's and I love them.

crossfires for sure, best boots I have ever owned.

Lots of interchangeable parts, really comfortable and durable.

I went from Tech-8's to SIDI Crossfires...night and day man...

I was looking at new shifters cause the boots were that bulky. I was new to riding and I got a good deal on them, so I pulled the trigger. Never again will I buy A-stars.

That being said, my buddy has TECH 10's and loves them. Another buddy of mine has the Gaerne's and loves them as well. My Tech 10 buddy will probably buy the SIDI's when they wear out.

Sidi's are $$$ but they are so so worth it. I have a thin foot so you may want to check out the wider options u have.

Sidi's- 0 break in time...super comfy to walk-in...buckles rock...and it's replaceable...I feel so much comfortable on the bike as well...

My bootie used to get hot so I love the non-bootie design...great protection as well...

Oh yeah...the SIDI's weighed like .65lbs less than my A-stars as well...they "feel" 2 lbs lighter...this may sound strange but it's like the shootouts...although the scale isn't that different...they feel waay lighter and more tech 8's were very bulky in the toe...Tech 10's are not as bulky but my buddy has had issues with the sole replacement...

I love my SIDI' well spent:thumbsup:

Another vote for Sidi, if you want boots for the long haul buy the SRS's. I have well over 200+ hours on mine at this point, 4th set of replacement soles and the rest of the boot is still in great shape. Buckles are still original, no lost parts, they still feel just as supportive now as they did when new.

They are money well spent.

Compared to your street shoe size, what size are your Sidi boots?? I know that with some boots a larger size is needed.

I've had my SG12's for about 9 months now. I love them. In the past I've ran A-Stars tec8's and a bunch of older Axo boots. The Gaerne's feel great. Def the best boot I have tried on, for my feet.

... and if you're set on the SG-12, that's the ticket. I can't say enough about the Gaerne boots. Crazy comfortable and zero break-in time. Love 'em!

Same here, I've got the 12's and love them.

Thanks for all the input, I think I'm going to give the Sidis a shot....the Gaernes also sound really nice but I think I like the way the red and black looks on the Sidis a little better.

narrow feet crossfires, wide feet sg 10/12.

pretty big difference in width, so that would determine it for me.

That's the ticket right there. Sidis are bad ass, but too narrow for my foot.

If Addidas fit you better than Nikes - go with the Gaernes.

I've heard the Gaernes run a little big too. So if you wear a 10.5 steet shoe, you don't necessarily have to get the 11.0.

Heard that the Sidis are a little better at keeping the water out from a couple buddies.

Never heard anybody rave about any A-star product like Sidi or Gaerne... night and day difference as stated previously in this thread.

I've had tech6,8,10's and now have gaerne sg12's. The 10's are a good boot, but prefer the gaerne 12's. Bit more comfortable, seem to have a little bit more support and adjustments with the 4 buckles apposed to the 3 buckles on the tech 10's. the Sg's are a lot more water resistant. It was a toss up between the crossfires and the SG's. The older crossfires had problems with the screws coming loose on the inside by your ankle, but the 2011 mdels have this sorted now.

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