Levers with ball bearings at the pivot point

I've had too many cheap hand levers wear at the pivot point and get realllly sloppy, so i'd like to invest in some that are designed around this flaw.

Works connection elite clutch levers have bearings like what I am talking about. So what else is out there and if you have any experience with them what did you like/dislike? Are there any brake levers with this feature too or am I going to have to bore it out and press some bearings in?

asv, sunline, i think renthal makes some

The shoulder bolt that's a pivot for the brake on my '02 YZ measures 0.312".


McMaster 5/16 bronze bushings are a super-nice fit and cost $0.54 each. Got some today, going to be putting them in a lever tomorrow. I'll let y'all know how it goes, but I'm expecting the nicest $6.53 Tusk throwaway lever in the history of the world.

Unfortunately, the clutch pivot bolt is 0.287". Not a close fit on any nominal bushing size, but you could get a 1/4 ID - 3/8 OD bushing and drill it out to 7.3mm.

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