Need Help with Gearing

Just bought a 2011 YZF450 and love it. I am trying to get use to the engine braking. It seems this bike has more engine braking than my 2005 rmz 450. The stock gearing on the yzf is 48 tooth rear. I am thinking that if I change the rear it might help. Can anyone give me advice on what size rear I should change to? 49T,50T,51T, etc.? By the was I am 225lbs. and only ride MX tracks, mostly vet. (I know it would be best to lose 25-30 lbs. for MX however this will not happen anytime soon however i'm working on it.:thumbsup::banghead:) Thanks for the help.

it would be better to change the gearing base more on its acceleration characteristics than its braking. pick a gear size thats works best for your track conditions then deal with the engine braking as it is.

If it has too much engine braking then you need to get on the throttle more. :thumbsup:

by putting a smaller rear would help some on engine breaking, just one or two teeth is almost no change although, do the math and figure out each ratio that i comes out to be and you will see the numbers change very little, one in the front is the quickest noticeable change in gear, also the fronts are cheaper then the rears too.

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