Coolant Drip

So I'm leaking coolant through a little hole located underneath the water pump. Hole faces the ground and its probably about an 1/8 of an inch in Diameter. Has not happened before. Any ideas on how to stop the leak? Any ideas on how it happened.. Thanks.

replace water pump seal

Your waterpump seal is leaking. Get a new seal and if the waterpump shaft is worn at all replace that as well. Fairly common and pretty cheap & easy to fix.

Thank you for the responses!

Im assuming I have to remove the engine cover to do so?

Yeah, you have to pull the waterpump cover and the outer clutch housing. The waterpump shaft and impeller stay in the outer clutch housing, so once you pull that out you can just pop the seal out of the housing and push the new one in place, then put it back together.

I just did the same job for my 426. If I were you, I'd get a new impeller shaft, both seals (water side and oil side) and the bearing for the shaft. While you're in there, they are very easy to do.

Grayracer has a good link somewhere here to doing the job....

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