son to big for kx100?

is my son to big for a kx 100 he is 5'6 140 lbs he just had a drz 125 and outgrew that i found one for $900 i just want to make sure befor i buy one

Honestly, maybe but depends on the type of riding he does. I'm an inch shorter and weigh the same, sometimes I feel cramped but my bike is all stock and I am going to buy new bars and bar risers. I just ride woods and I love my KX100. The bike is so easy to manuever and has plenty of power to get me flying.

I was debating a 125 2-stroke but i could barely tipy-toe the ground on them. when the trails get tight, I'm happy that I am able to firmly put a foot down!

From a drz125 to a kx100 I think he'll be all smiles. Might need to raise the handle bars at some point though.

he does just woods is $900 good price

900 is a great price. and it is a great bike for him. make sure it runs properly and if it does then snatch it up

im going to look at it this weekend it is a 2001

I have a kx100 for a play bike im 6 foot 180 pounds. But it's set up for me great little bike. To small for me to race but for a play bike great and you can really throw it around.

im 5'6 180 and i ride a kx100 and a rm125,and the 100 works great for me, i keep up with 125's

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