lightin an mx bike? make it street legal?

k heres the deal, im looking for a street legal supermoto bike and all of the husqvarnas and ktms are too expensive considering im a low buget 17 year old.

however i did find a really nice 06 yz450 supermoto bike that is not street legal for only about $3000.

so im wondering how to give a yz450 the necessary lights and everything else needed electrically so that it will pass an inspection to get a plate?...

i want the easiest cheapest way to do this and an estimated price please!!!


I'm not sure about NJ, but in a lot of states you cannot make an off highway motorcycle street legal. Also, there are no stator kits to convert a 06-09 yz450 for lights, the only way is to swap out parts from a wr and that will get very pricey. Your best bet is to find a drz400sm or something that is already registered as a highway vehicle.

You need to check your DMV or whatever agency deals with that kind of stuff and see what it takes, if it is even possible. You could probably find a decent DRZ400SM for a pretty reasonable price. Never heard any complaints about them.

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