PE250 Frankenduro

So I unearthed a 78 PE250 today and got it for less than a hundred. Bike rolls, engine isnt siezed and the owner says it ran last summer.

Im an old Honda guy, but my plans are to restore this little gem. I plan to do some light riding with it. I may or may not keep it once its restored. I plan to strip it down, powder coat the frame, bead the case and jug and rebuld the carb. I will also have to replace all tubing, wiring and cables. I have started doing my research and I have some questions for you experts out there.

Frame embossing lists it as PE250-19278. This tells me (from what I can find), that Frank was the 631st PE250 produced in 1978. Am I on track with this?

It has the vented side plates. From what I can see, these only came on the PE175. Is that correct?

Shocks are blue and white, clearly aftermarket, as is the exhaust. Is it best to restore to original, or keep the aftermarket goods?

Finally, other than this great site, any recommendations for me website wise for reference, parts, and manuals/diagrams?

Thanks in advance. Pics of it (I plan to document the entire process) are on my FB page. (Link is in my profile). Oh yes, I call it Frankenduro because the front and back fenders have been cracked and the repair was to drill holes and piece them back together with zip ties. Hundreds of them. They look like stitches, hence the name.

Stay Frosty.

I had a PE 175 when I was a kid. Handeled terrible but you could beat it and it would never die. Would be great for putput but that is it anymore. Good luck with the resto. As far as OG parts, I am not sure if there is a market for that model or not. Check some vintage websites before you try to locate originals. It isnt worth spending a bunch of money on those parts if there is no return.

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