How the system work NOST

The valves have read NOST can someone tell me how they worked, had any operating system other than conventional valves

They were a blow off as the DELL TACO or the like, or preload shims stack?

He is redoing all his stuff I tried it way back in 05 and it actually worked pretty good alot better than the DDT

Dandimand and Sacfelix: thanks for your reply, I had seen this page NOST, which was asked at a technical level if anyone knew how it is constructed and how it works internally, maybe the gurus of the suspension may help.


that bike as if it was installed and the front fork or shock ??

Sorry for my bad English (Google translator thanks)

I had His stuff installed in my forks it wasnt perfect by any means as there were some mods He had me do that kinda blew the rebound circuit and required a heavier oil . I know he abandoned that setup a while ago But it did work not bad though In my bike It was a bunch of changes that were done . Pete is a pretty smart guy . If you're looking to do somthing yourself personally I would either work with the stock pistons or perhaps try the race tech stuff.

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