Brown or Brushy Saturday


Anybody going?

TTT, Brown?

Ill be at brushy tomorrow (saturday) and brown on sunday

Trails are perfect. :thumbsup:

ski daddy nice meeting you yesterday at brushy man what a great day of riding, and cutting up with everyone

Good to meet you to Dave. Yeah, it was fun. The goat trail was tricky, being so muddy. I learned that you can't get the rear tire out of a steep, deep wet clay rut, even if the front will come out.....

Pressley, what were you riding? I don't remember seeing you.

I was on my yz250, and I was with a guy on a yz125. We were in the blue crew cab f350. We probably saw each other several times and just didnt realize it:bonk: Trails were in great shape! My buddy on the 125 took a pretty major spill jumping a waterbar on 1c, but he turned out ok just reallly bruised and cut up. Then my yz gut hungry and ate half of my front sprocket! Luckily he had 1 yamaha front sprocket left in the office and it was the right # of teeth. 100_2803.jpg

Wow, it was hungry!:thumbsup:

Heading to Brown Saturday, I've had enough Brushy mud for a while.:smirk:

Anybody else going?

how muddy is brushy right now? Kicking around the idea of the brushy NCHSA race sunday...

Here is a copy/paste of the weekly Brushy newsletter. No mention of how much rain they had, I'll call later.

"Brushy will be Open this Friday and Saturday for riding but will be CLOSED Sunday MAY 22 to Host the North Carolina Hare Scrambles Assoc. Race. The A and B Sections will be open for riding but the C Section will be Closed this weekend. The cost to ride Friday or Saturday will be $15.00. The Gate Fee to come watch on Sunday is only $7.00 per person. 6 years old and younger get in free. The course layout should have something for everyone. A very large portion of the course is within short walking distance of the starting line/parking lots. The weather looks good for the next 3 days so if you want to ride or race we will see you this weekend.



As a member for over 4-5 years I have never gotten one of these letters, I am hurt deeply ha ha I expect the next one Richard:moon:

I think conditions are going to be great.

I heard through the grape vine that the trails are in great shape and should still be sunday, Looks like Im finally going to be able to make one!

I called yesterday, they got 3/4 inch of rain Tuesday. I'm going to Brown.

Backside was mucho mucho muddy! Great weather for riding though.

Brown was great today! Instead of an inch of gooey mud there was only a thin film of stains that came off easily.

I'm too tired from fighting the mud to hit Brown tomorrow!

If anyone worries about 3/4 inch of rain at Brushy on a Tuesday night when they are going to ride Friday, Sat. or Sunday needs to take some vitamins.

Now if we were going to get more that week I would agree but we didn't and the riding was near perfect. Any place you ride that has a heavy clay base soil will almost certainly have some puddles several days after a heavy rain and maybe a lot but if everyone reading this is afraid of puddles maybe we all need to take some swimming lessons before we go riding again.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Yea conditions were perfect at the race on sunday. If anything, a little on the dry side.

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