Help need seals

I have 1999 gas gas xc250,my manual says my bike has 45mm mazocchi forks,they are 50mm I am assuming this is because the bike came with an Ec250 manual which is kinda of like what an xc is but really isnt.If someone out there has a 1999 xc250 and has done seals or bought seals please help me out.

Your bike has the 50mm WP Extreme conventional forks. Several KTMs and husabergs had those forks in the late 90's. I know the '98 380 EXC came with them. I bought seals off of ebay for mine that were just listed as "WP 50mm Extreme" fork seals, no brand or model name specific.

Call/Email GoFasters. I'm sure they would have some.

Thanks for the help,and the forks are WP EXTREMES,after talking to someone from gasgasriders it seems the 1999 xc250 came in a six days version with wp forks.Anyways it will be roostin soon cause seals have been found.

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