My new XR400!!! literally

So I got a hold of a 1999 honda XR400 that doesn't even have wear on any part of the bike and is literally brand new. The guy just never rode it and I was to lucky first to give him a call. I'm new at this forum thing and thought I would start it off by telling you all of my good fortune and being that one guy that has the bike everyone wishes they would have stumbled upon. I hope the pictures load successfully or it won't be as good.

Yea not as good need pics

hahaha yea I know but if you copy and paste the address it should work try these



Anyways the bike has been sitting for quite some time and it is really hard to clean the carburetor because there is so much hardened gas or whatever. any tips on safely and effectively cleaning it.

Wow, I'd sure like to see some pictures. I was equally lucky a couple weeks ago and bought a NOS 2002 XR400R. You can see it in "my garage". Its the 2002, my 2001 is also there and is up for sale and listed in the classified section.

Congrats on the find, I felt real lucky finding mine.



here is his bike




I really appreciate that thank you.

WOW very clean!! How many miles on it?

Idk guy said less than 100. I just took his word for it obviously. I offered him $1600 and he took it

Funny, the dealer website decal on the swingarm!! THAT would be the FIRST thing to go......

I offered him $1600 and he took it

That's incredible. Take good care of it & it'll last you a lifetime. Welcome to the club! :thumbsup:

Thanks man!! I'm afraid to ride it and I'm also forced to wait to ride it even tho I have gotten it started. the pitcock screen (I think is how it is spelled) the screen inside the tank was completely eatin through from so many years of old gas and nobody has it in stock, DAMB!!!! thats another week I gotta wait now. But I always told myself that if and when I found a good bike I was gonna put it through it's paces, make it my has been.

Wonderful! You're a lucky guy!

Wow!! Very nice. What a great deal!!!

Idk guy said less than 100. I just took his word for it obviously. I offered him $1600 and he took it


Awesome deal! :thumbsup:

I got mine with like 30 hrs on it,, but that was back in 2006. They hold up really well, you'll have her a looong time.

the best color scheme of all the years.

Nice score!

Wow really nice!! My 2002 does not look nearly as good. Must have built a yuppie tract right through his riding area or something --to leave that baby in the garage and not ride it is some kind of sin.:thumbsup::banghead:

No kidding but I'm glad he did. There was so many other xr's that I looked at prior and I'm so glad that the ones I made an offer on said, "they think it's worth more money." But it was kinda funny, dudes really HOT wife was making him sell it and I was like, "don't worry now I'll be the one to get killed on it, let me take it of your hands."

Sweet find!!!! Let us know how it runs and rides:thumbsup: I also have a 97, and they are great, just take the time to set up the suspension.

Nice find

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