1996 dr350se fork oil capacity

Hello Folks, I have been searching high and low for stock specs concerning the quantity of fluid liquid fork oil needed in each one of my stock 1996 DR 350 SE FRONT FORKS!!! I understand that a 10W fork oil will suffice,but my DR MANUAL DOES NOT COVER MY MODEL YEAR!!! 1996. Any and all input would be great! I searched this forum, to no avail. THANKS,SINCERELY, RICK SAVIDGE.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hi,I found this info on another site,MAXIMUM SUZUKI. 569 ml per fork leg.Maybe someone may find this useful! THANKS, SINCERELY, RICK SAVIDGE.:thumbsup:

Yes I did. I'm putting Race Tech suspension on was wondering. Thanks,Cman.

Your right. I am trying to confirm this 569 ml. since I dont have the proper tool to measure with.:thumbsup:

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