SM Bar riser/holder options ?

I'm switching over to some dirt wheels/tires and need to lower the bike a bit (all-torso, short legs). I've got some Soupy's adjustable lowering links and I was hoping to lower the front forks about ~13mm (that's all that's available in the adjustment/clamping zone). This'll bring the top of the forks really close to the bar, possibly making contact.

From what I understand, the later SM's came with 1-1/8"th bar holders, while my '06 has the 7/8" holders. They're removable unlike the S models, so I'm wondering if anyone makes a longer bar holder, even if I have to upsize to the fatter bar, I'd rather do that then spend a bunch of money on a cheesy looking spacer.

Anyone have some experience with this mod ?

I would stay away from lowering the forks in the clamps it really lowers the handling of the bike. maybe look for some lowering springs for the forks.

the front end's already going to be much higher, going from a 17" to a 21" front wheel, that's a 2" lift + the difference in the tire profile, the rear's only going from a 17" to an 18" wheel (1/2" lift) & difference in tire profle. The front definitely needs to come down some. I don't want to try and lower the bike back to a ride-able (toe touching) level solely with the lowering link

If you want to switch your SM to dirt, I can say from my experience that the stock forks really need a rework. I did mine and found the improvement was incredible.

My front suspension was woefully soft. It needed a lot of compression and rebound and still wanted to deflect off rocks and the rearend would kick on whoops.

Now with proper valving and correct springs for my weight, the fun factor in the dirt amazing. I experience no more front dive on the brakes or kicks in the rear. The bike just floats over obstacles instead of trying to throw me off all the time.

I recommend doing a proper job on the suspension rather than changing your geometry or using lowering links. Think of it as money invested by preventing unnecessary falls.

Bar risers might improve your riding position, new bars might be neater and a lower seat might help too, but IMHO here is no substitute for improving your suspension. :thumbsup:

reworking the spring rates and valving will be a bit further down the road, so far the SM suspension feels a lot better than that of the 3 S's we have in my family.

I've been following some of the other threads regarding the shock re-working, like

I wouldn't mind finding some links to places that carry heavier spring rates & valving kits for the SM (not as easy to find as the S fork springs).

First I need to get the bike back to a good riding height and then sort it out from there. I'm not racing MX, just riding the highway out to the forest and then bombing down fire roads and trails with my brothers. If I can't touch the ground, I'm going to have a lot more embarrassing falls than I might have from valving/spring issues.

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