Cam options Question!

Well I finally got a few rides in, although some parts of the trail still have snow, I had a friggin' blast with the mods so far I have seen an awsome change in the bike. I am however having a hesitation when I snap the throttle, and well I love to snap the throttle!! now I have read many different threads on cams. I would like to Know what others have done. I would like more low end so would I go with the hotcams stage 1,2,3 intake/exhaust or both? GTYR Performance cams?, YZF cams?......

Mods done:

Fmf Q4 slip-on

Dynojet stage 2 jet kit (jets used from kit unkoewn had dealer install and have not checked the kit to see what was used)

YZF throttle stop

Grey wire mod

snorkle removed

AIS removed ( irrelevent i know?)


Hotcams 1 intake and 2 exhaust is very nice and that's what I've got. Just a few dollars more Jesse Williams at Williams motowerx has an extremely nice cam set up for your bike. Email him and he usually replies within the day

It sounds like your dealer didn't do any jetting within the Accelerator pump in the carb. That's whats responsible for the initial bog when you snap the throttle open.

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