XR200 camchain sprocket on crank

How is the cam chain crank sprocket on an XR 200 located and locked in place?

I’ve just split the crank and there is no keyway and so far I can’t see any timing marks.

What’s the go??



PS I know I should get a manual and I will

The sprocket is a press fit onto the crank, alignment is to the rotor keyway. A bit sketchy IMO but others have changed sprockets without problems.

Thanks Chuck,

I've since checked online and found some more info. I don't like the way they do it but it seems to work ok. I've never heard of one failing.



I did one about 10 years ago or so on mine and have had no problems. Its pretty easy. Heck i even pressed the crank apart to replace the rod and pressed it back using a jig i built at a machine shop. Turned out perfect. I couldn't even find a local place that would attempt it. Maybe i got lucky.

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