Need jetting advice Kehin carb swap PJ38mm to PWK 39.5

I have a FMF pipe and silencer, VF3 reeds, Sthealy 13 ox flywheel weight.

I weigh 250 lbs

I ride the bike mostly in the sand at 4000 ft and 70+ degrees

thanks in advance!

spomey anyone there

Just start rich and go from there. Maybe something like 48 or 50 pilot, clip #3 position, 185 main. If you were riding in the woods that would be rich but in sand and 250lbs if you are riding hard you may need it.

hard to offer advice on jetting w/out knowing what size engine we're talking about here?

Is the OP riding a CR-500?

sorry I thought this was just a CR500 forum (section) yes its a 94 CR5

Anyone know which slide would be used for a cr 500 application?

Found it on cr 500 site. #6, which is stock for the pwk 38-40.

Well what i have in my 87 cr500 is 60 pilot, 178 main , dgn needle 4th, 24/1 great for me in my 39.5

not exactly related but I'll ask this here.

I have a Keihin PE 28mm on my 86' cr80 When I look up this carb most of the pictures show tubes all over the carb like this


mine doesn't have any tubes except for the fuel line. Should it?

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