Oakdale Area 5/19-5/21


What's up guys? I'm probably going to be heading up to Sacramento for work next month and figured I'd stop by my parent's place in Oakdale for a visit while I'm in the area. Was toying with the idea of bringing the bike and hitting some of the local trails while I'm up there if there's anybody willing to show me around. I'm a novice, got back into riding about 9 months ago, so I'm not looking for the most hard core stuff, but I'm not looking for fire roads either. I have to be at a meeting on 5/18 but could ride Th 5/19 thru Sat 5/21. Anybody up for riding these dates and willing to show me around? . . . I'll be happy to return the favor when you're in my neck of the woods!!!

Joe is not a novice, he rides well.

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