Just a quick question on metallic oil

Hey guys I am not going to lie I am pretty new to the hole 450 4 stroke thing so here goes I am very meticulous on oil changes I have had the bike about 6 months now when I got it the first thing I did was a oil change using high flo oil filter and hp4s full sythetic with maybe 3 hours on it I just did another oil with the same stuff and noticed a metallic tint to it. The oil is still pretty clear and the oil filter is clean no metal shavings at all so is this normal on these bikes?:thumbsup:

Engine side or transmission. Trans is normal to see some metallic tint due to friction material.

Sorry typed all that and never said it is the engine side

Did you find anything in your oil filter?

No from what I can see the oil filter is clean as a whistle

On my 08' I still get a few metal bits and that "metal" tint thing your talking about. Gotta remember, the bike is running at 8,000-12,000 rpms. That's gotta wear on some parts. I have been running Amsoil for years and am not worried a bit.

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