DIY Budget Barley Legal Dual Sport Kit

I will be turning my 2004 CRF250x into a street legal dual sport bike over the next couple weeks. The goal is to make the bike legal enough to participate in enduro/turkey run events, and possibly ride it to work a couple of times. I will be doing this while spending the least amount of money possible. Some challenges I will face are making a high low beam headlight that will not draw from the battery and will run off the stock stator. Converting the rear fender light into a running/brake light. Adding a plate bracket, plate light, front and rear directional, chain guard, and a mirror. Another problem I will face is not having a title for the bike......

I have done some research on the "title issue" and found that in Vermont if the motorcycle is under 300cc's, you need only a bill of sale to register it. You do need to have the vin checked by the police to make sure it is not stolen, and go through their safety inspection. Even if your not a resident of Vermont you can still register a bike there. After the bike is registered Vermont will send you a new title. You can then take that title and register the bike in your own state if you'd like. Interesting huh?

Tomorrow I will start building the Running/Brake light. Don't worry there will be plenty of pictures....

If anyone has any input or questions feel free to post!

Project: Budget Barley Legal Bike


cant wait to see this project take shape. good luck

In Washington State, we just passed a bill that will allow you to plate your dirtbike if it meets the states requirements for street legal m/c. I (we'll) be very interested in your project....:thumbsup:

See if you can beat my low-dollar effort:

CRF250X Dualsport mods <-- linky

Click the pics to supersize.

See if you can beat my low-dollar effort:

CRF250X Dualsport mods <-- linky

Click the pics to supersize.

Hey Rick. Thanks for your write-ups. They've helped me and countless others!


yeah rick your the man!!!

Its super easy in Oklahoma. I did it with my drz400e a while back. I used a procycles kit, but i would not suggest them because they screwed up my order, then refused to fix it. You shouldn't have any problems wiht the factory stator and battery system pushing the headlight and tailight. No upgrade will be needed.

I didnt get a chance to work on the brake light today because I was busy working on my High/Low beam head light. I went to a scooter store down the street from me and for a 12v 18w/18w dual filament bulb!

The 18w/18w is on the right side.


Even with both filaments on its only 36 watts, it shouldn't draw anything from the battery even on high beam.

Low beam


High beam


I ordered a multifunction switch from Ebay, it has high/low, horn, and directional.


Wired the switch to the head light socket


Green wire on socket is Ground

White wire on socket is Low Beam Power

Blue wire on socket is High Beam Power

The Ebay Multifunction switch has 3 wires for the High/Low beam function.

Blue/White wire on switch is Ground

White wire on switch is Low Beam Power

Blue wire on switch is High Beam Power

I spent the time soldering the connections between the light socket and the multifunction switch. I made sure to heat shrink wrap the wires as well for water proofing.


So far I have spent...

Multifunction switch $14

12v 18w/18w Bulb $7

Total $21

+1 on what RamZ said.

You can get something that's got two or three white 12V DC LED lights off Ebay for a plate light and then splice it into the rear tail light power source. Mount the plate just under the fender, just ahead of the back edge. Mount the LED's at the back edge pointing at the plate. When I first installed, I made a metal plate bracket. It eventually broke due to vibration. I replaced it with a piece of rubber side-wall cut from a tire. It will never tear since it has cord in it. It's nice that it flexes so when the bike get's dropped the plate doesn't get mangled too bad.

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