Honda or yamaha

I am looking to get a new bike. I currently have an 1983 xr200 with a 250 head. The bike hauls but it looks real hood(some duct tape). I also have 2 pit bikes for fun. I'm leaving for college in a year but I want something a little nicer till then. I debating between a yamaha ttr125l and some sort of newer Honda 200,230,250. I can get the 125 for 500 bucks and it's nice. I looking fOr just some trail riding and some minor jumps. The 200/250 I have now is actually too quick for some trails.

If you can get the ttr for a good price and it suits your needs then why not get it. But I do know that Honda XR series have some of the most reliable reps around. good luck

why don't you pick up a late 90's 125 2 stroke? They are cheap to maintain, and work out better than XR's or TTR's as far as jumps go. I heard they also make great trail riding machines.

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