KDX, YZ or Something Else

I live and ride in the Reno area where most of the terrain is loose gravel and packed sand. The elevation at most riding areas is 4,800+ feet. I’ve only been riding for about half of a season on a WR426f. I found this bike to be very top heavy and am looking for something more agile. I have no other riding experience and feel like the power of a 450f makes it easy to be a sloppy rider. I’m looking for a bike that would be more balance that I could learn the fundamentals on. After doing some research I was pretty set on a KDX 200, I liked the smooth power and 6 speed. After looking for a few months I'm not sure. I having trouble finding one and when I do they have been either beat up or $2000+. Now I'm thinking about going with a YZ125 or YZ250 and maybe adding a flywheel weight to make it more trail friendly. I’m 5’10 185 lbs. What kind of bike makes the most sense for me?

I have a yz250 and a kx125, my brother has a kdx200. I don't think the 125 will have nearly the bottom end power your used to. The KDX200 has awesome bottom end power but lacks some up top. The 6 speed will probally be good for your type of riding. By my house its tight woods and I rarely use it. My YZ250 with a 11oz flywheel weight has great power all over. The thing really pulls. I would look for a yz250. I picked up my 03 worked for 1500.

Thanks for the input.

How would a ktm 200 or gasgas 200 fit in with this group? I'm thinking they are more then I want to spend but if they would a better fit I may step up price wise.

also ......... not what your asking about but ....... try a YZ tank on your WR, they are a lot narrower

Dont rule out a 300. I have a GasGas 300 and love it. its easier to ride then my yz250 was, similiar top end and gobs more low end, handles better in tight stuff too. I imagine the 200 and 250 are great bikes too. KTM 200/250/300 are very similiar and the ones ive rode i loved. GasGas can be found for a better price then a ktm but are harder to find. Also I had a KDX200 before the YZ and GasGas, good bike but was quickly able to outride it. I would rate like this GasGas/KTM>YZ>KDX

yz 250 is the way to go

If you arent riding tight trails, the KDX may not be the bike for you, as rough nasty terrain is its specality. The power of a 125 is going to be disappointing after coming off of a WR426F (especially if you have the free mods, like I do). I normally dont recommend 250 MX bikes to beginners, but, in your case, it might fit the bill. By the way, I currently ride a WR426 and a KDX220. Ive owned a YZ 125 and a YZ 250 years ago.

You have limited riding experience. Why not get a wr250, crf250x, kdx220, ktm200 or something friendly like that. Those bikes are plenty fast and will help you develop some good skills before you are ready to utilize the power of a 426/450.

I think in the beginning, you will be upgrading and changing bikes as you develop your riding style and determine what type of riding you prefer to do. Don't spend too much at this point.

Oh... yz250's can be a bit much for a newer rider as will any full on motocross bike. Just think about that.

KDXs are great bikes, and they have a lot of after market support. The KTM and gas gas 200s are a modern version of the KDX.

If you want to work on fundamentals just get an early 2000's 125 mx'er and ride it through the summer sell it for basically what you bought it for and then decide what you want.

IMO: forget the fww and you'll really learn the clutch.

Another vote for a KDX. My buddy has a YZ426F & likes my KDX220R much better for woods duty. (And he's a better rider than I am.) Light & flickable in comparison but still gives a powerband thrill. His eyes always get as big as silver dollars when I offer to let him ride it. He's noticeably faster on the KDX believe it or not & he's keeping his eyes peeled on craigslist for one. For desert duty... I have no experience to share there. Fellow TT'er SS109 might tell you more about that if you pm him. He has a KDX200 & a KDX250 for Arizona riding.

YZ250 converted for trails is a great ride too. More suited for an experienced rider though, imo. If you go that route, I'd hold out for one that's already set up for trails to save you some expense.

At your weight, I'd avoid a 125. you'll likely be disappointed imo.

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