Bootleg Dualsport ride 7-17 OHIO

Bootleg Dual Sport trail ride 7-17 OHIO


it's coming soon..

The 6th annual Zanesville Trail Riders'

ZTR Bootleg Dual Sport Trail Ride

Meadowcreek Party Barn, 5031 Coopermill rd, Zanesville, Ohio 43701

Sunday, July 17th 2011

Sign up: 7-9:15, First bike out at 9:45

$35.00 AMA suggested, but not required.


ALL BIKES MUST HAVE: headlight, taillight, and license plate. Must pass inspection. NO LOUD BIKES! No exceptions!

-2 GAS station stops. (2 strokers bring oil with you)

-100+ miles, lots and lots of awesome singletrack and trails!

-Optional "Caveman Challenge" section for those "tough guy" riders

-NICE, hot lunch provided with entry.

-FREE PRIMITIVE CAMPING on site. (no ground fires)- one community fire pit.

-Pancake Breakfast available Sunday morning at 7am by Maysville Archery Club

More info here:

Trails are coming together nicely. This going to be a fun one.

Is this going to be big bike friendly except for the optional parts? Need to decide which bike to bring lightweight or heavyweight.

Rode this last year. It was fantastic. Quality single track. Bring your lightweight bike unless you are Scott Summers.

Might have to pass on this one. I can't take sitting for 100 miles on the seat I have, and I have the softest board they make. If the woods were as tight as Hanging Rock, I won't be able to stand without a branch taking my head off. Have to see how the seat breaks in by this summer.

There are always a group of guys that ride it on 650s with knobbies. In mid July, it is usually pretty dry and ok.

The Bootleg dual sport is this coming weekend, and it is really nice.

We finished mileage today and it is 90 miles, with A LOT of trail.

Come out and ride with us next weekend!


Would love to, but their calling for mid 90's all weekend in the midwest........ :thumbsup:

Sounds like fun! I rode it a few years back, but I am riding my street bike to NC for the week. I wish I had known earlier! Doh

awesome link, thanks Siddons! I've got to man up and finish an enduro in 2012 lol

If you can think of anymore rides in Ohio that are dual sport let me know, and I will add them to that page.

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