Know much about Speedometers?

does anyone know anything about the vaportech speedo or other related speedometers? Accuracy, quality, better alternative.

Can't say for the vaportech specifically, but as far as accuracy goes... tehy're usually good for either speed or mileage. in other words, if you adjust it so it reads the right speed, your mileage is off and vice versa.

Took me a while to get my stock KTM odometer set right, but now that I know the magic number it's consistently within 1% of my GPS's odometer. Speed's off though, radar and GPS clocks me at about 41 when my speedo says 45.

Know a few guys with the vapor speed/odo and they've been happy with it. The plastic mounting bracket's kinda cheesy, but it shouldn't be too difficult to fab up something a little stronger.

I got a $12 bicycle speedometer sitting it the garage waiting to install on my bike. I wanted to give that a try just to see if it would work.

I put a TrailTech on my WR over Christmas.

It's as accurate for speed as your need to calculate tire size into it for speed. If your calculations are off, your speed reading will be too. The plastic holder is a bit cheap, you may want to fab something up yourself or get a "dashboard".

I like mine...very good product.:thumbsup:

For the price you can't go wrong with the vapor. The mount is pretty flimsy but it has a ton of features.

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