offroad vs mx air boxes

has anyone ever noticed how offroad bikes have those trap-door style airboxes (Wr-f and crf-x) and mx bikes do not? what is the benifit and why dont the track models have that feature?airbox_700p.jpg

that closed feature keeps the offroad elements out such as mud and water. It also restricts airflow which is why the mx bikes dont have it. I always took my covers offon my offroad bikes. Lets them breathe easier.

Main reason is to be able to change the filter quickly during an enduro if needed , not wasting time with bolts etc .

MX doesnt have pit stops so no need to be able to change quickly .

WR and CRFX started to use it to compete with the KTM. Offroad market deams it a bonus. Offroad bikes commonly change filters on a dirty bike but MXers much less so. I see no down side myself. Much easier to keep dirt out of the air boot on filter change.

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