ktm250sx woods/trails

well i just bought a 2005 ktm250sx about 2 days ago. the bike so far has a very hard hitting powerband compared to my 2003 ktm125sx and my 1999 cr250. i would like to hear some comments on whether they are good in the woods or if i need to buy a heavier flywheel weight like a 12 ounce. the bike lifts hard granted im 5'7" and 145 lbs. let me know what u guys think

I just threw a larger tank on my bike (Acerbis 3 gal tank), hang guards, skid plate and a kick stand. I love it. It does great in technical spots and rips in the open.

I just bought a 2011 sx250 cuz I heard that they were such good woods bikes. I am also thinking about putting on a bigger tank and kickstand. bfederico, are you happy with the Acerbis tank and what kickstand did you put on your bike and do you like it?

Love the Acerbis tank. The plastics go back on and it looks great. I went with the natural so I can see where my gas level is at. I put the ProMoto kickstand on. i got it online at www.ktmcyclehutt.com. I like the ProMoto better than the stock KTM stands. It has a bigger platform so it works better in the sand.

my buddy uses a fat squared kick stand and it says "kick it" on the side i think it might be pro moto but i know he didnt like the trail tech kickstand. and i put the skid plate on and some handguards..today was the first i rode it pretty hard and i love it . pro taper evo handelbars are being shipped along with a set of fork bleeders.how is the acerbis tank compared to say the clark or IMS??

The one that says kick it is the ProMoto. It really is a great stand.

he had a problem on his 2004 ktm200exc the leg of the stand was actually too long and now he is debating on cutting and re welding it or just sending it back for a shorter leg..also i do wish they could maybe make the base of the bottom part (the part that actually touches the ground) a little wider so it doesnt dig in the ground so much...how do u feel about flywheel weights in a 2 stroke 250??? are they worth the extra money for say a 12 ounce???

The hard hitting nature of the bike can be tuned out. If Jetting and gearing isn't enough, the next step is a fly wheel weight. a 6 oz weight is a noticeable difference, so a 12oz weight will be a huge improvement, it smooths out the hit by slowing down how fast the bike revs; it also creates more inertia to keep the bike rolling easier at low throttle inputs, helps stalling.

i use a 2010 ktm 250sx as my woods bike and so far i love it. here is a list of my current mods.

1. Clockworks tank

2. PHDS handle bar mounts

3. pro taper EVO bars, windham bend

4. Pro taper pillow top grips

5. Cycra pro bend hand guards

6. Scorpion racing skid plate

7. KTM rear shark fin

8. KTM clutch master cylinder guard

9. KTM orange x-ring chain

10. pro Taper rear sprocket ( same size as stock )

11. Bauer Ignition timing switch

12. Pro taper foot pegs

13. Ktm power parts tall gel seat

14. Pro-Motion suspension re-valve and re-spring

15. FMF power core 2 silencer with spark arrestor

I currently run the green power valve spring with the adjuster flush with the case but when it dries out i go back to the yellow spring.

i have been riding for 30 years now and this is the best bike i have owned so far. i even like it better than the '08 300xc i had.

i am thinking about getting a Rekluse pro but i haven't decided yet. i dont feel the need for a flywheel weight but when i spoke to Steahly they told me for my bike the 12oz weight would make it just like the xc.

I am also considering a motosportz damper but with the suspension set up i have i am not sure if i am going to need it as there isn't that much deflection off rocks and roots right now.:thumbsup:

how do u guys like the idea of ktm putting electric starts on the new 2 strokes..i argued with another member on this sight the other day because he insisted that they were very unreliable and add 10 pounds of weight ...i argued back that they wouldnt put something on a bike if it was unreliable and also that they made huge weight reductions in 2010 so that ten pounds still leaves the new ktms at about the same weight of the previous ktms or possibly lighter...tell me how u feel about the whole electric start dilema

thanks and i love my new bike

I've heard a lot of guys complain about the 2stroke electric starters and have pulled them off cuz they didn't work half the time. I was originally looking at buying an XC for the electric starter, but after hearing everyones complaints, I decided to go with the SX. That and I couldn't find an XC to buy anyways. I will also say that after coming off of a 4 stroke, my new SX sure does start awfully easy and as light as the new KTMs are an additional 10lbs off is always welcome.

I pulled the e-start out of my 2010 KTM 300XC and have never looked back. I saved about 10 pounds of noticeable weight and don't miss my e-start one bit. I had nothing but problems with it. I never had battery issues, it was the starter itself that sucked. It would spin and not engage. I don't think KTM has got it sorted out yet for the two strokes. The four stroke e-start is way more reliable.

thanks guys i was just looking at them for my buddy who rides the senior class hairscrambles..hes 63 yes i said 63 and he hates kicking his 250 on hills or if its wet out and ur feet are muddy on the kick starter

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