98 RM250 as a back-up xc race bike

I have a 2001 CR250 with quite a few mods to make it a great woods racer... suspension resprung and revalved, skiplate, hand guards, gnarly pipe, fww, etc. I just got the itch to build another woods bike so I can have a back-up bike to race and ride if the CR goes down. I also like having a few extra bikes so I can switch things up to keep things interesting. I bought the bike along with 2 older 250's for 700 bucks. The 98 has a locked up motor so bringing her back to life will be the first step. While I was doing this I was thinking about doing a 265 to help broaden the power and maybe give the bike a little more low end torque. What are your guys thoughts and opinions on this? Maybe send the cylinder to Eric Gorr for a ported 265?

98 is a little old to start dumping money into. I just bought a 98 kx125 but its my bare bones bike. I'm only putting money into when I have to. This way if I sell it I can get what I put into it if not more.

My guess is it'll take some bucks to get it dialed in.

The 98 had some really good forks for the woods!

Personally, I like the layout (ergos) of the 96-00's better than the current models... they're thinner between the legs, have a lighter 'feel', and the pegs feel too far forward on the current bikes IMO. Downside... the 03 and up RMs have WAY more motor.

I understand it is an older bike but I am a fast c class (slow :thumbsup: rider and I feel that I could easily be competitive on an older bike. Money isnt too big of an issue as I just sold an old yz490 I had so I have some $$$ to burn.

I had a 98, it was a nice bike to ride ergo wise but it was kinda slow for a 250. The forks worked nice though, you will like it in the woods.

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