1978 Honda XL100 Side covers

Hi there I just purchased a 1978 Honda XL100 and just love the bike so far. I plan to do a partial restore so my son can start to ride it and wanted to see what you guys were doing for replacement plastic on these bikes? I saw ebay had the left and right panels but WOW people are serious about getting OEM. I do want the bike to look nice but wanted to see if there were some after market solutions that might look just as nice although OEM. My initial searches came up a bust am I just not looking in the right place or does no one make aftermarket plastic for this rascal?

Thank you all in advance.


There arent much parts for them youll have to keep looking around if you want oem. Thailand has cheap repo ones but they are crappy. I lucked out and had both original plastics.

Thanks for the input. I am not after OEM as long as it looks nice so I wasn't sure if guys were making their own and if so how. I am a little worried about keeping the rascal running for a long time to come with how hard it is to find parts that are not used.

Engine wise you can keep it running you just cant get parts like exhaust, fenders, certain carb/motor parts. If worst came to worst you could through a xr 100 motor in.

I did some research and found a local company that makes the hangers to mount an xr100 on this xl so when the time comes I can put in a motor with cdi. Neat stuff since I love the frame and style.

Side panels and sprocket covers for a TL125 are priced at about $100 or more each. I'm making my own for that price. (and my rat bike TL125.)

Please post links any items you find for making your own side panels.

standing over a three wheeler or two iv'e heard Mair will produce a run of ... if you order them. hell i'd love to find a set of side covers for my 78 175 but nobody will ever buy the rest (if mairs got the molds) iv'e never called about having the molds for a 175. but if memorie serves i did see a 110 with purple or orange mairs on it

If the price is right I would gladly be part of a group buy. I actually have the original sides but they are broken in two and seem brittle so I may make my own mold using them and see what I can make.

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