best jet

So I got a 2011 450 exc in Oregon with all the smog delete, what's best jets and needle position etc. Thanks.

I'd recommend getting a jet kit that comes with a new needle or two and a selection of jets. It may take a bit of trial and error to hit that sweet spot. Another good thing to add is a new fuel mixture screw that you can easily adjust.

JD jet kit is what I used , good stuff.

The OEM needle MUST be tossed! It has so little taper that the engine is lean regardless of what jets you screw in!

JD is simple plug & play. Several other ways to get there, I modify a Kehein needle to similar taper to JD, some run a steeper taper needle from Honda or Kehein has a series with more taper, the OCEMN is a common option, only issue with it, it has so much taper that it effects the main jet size, OCEMN with 158 main and 42 pilot is a reasonable combo

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