Ktm or GasGas

So I'm looking into two options for my next bike

one being a 2004 GasGas Ec 200 it has the street legal set up, though I'd likely take that off and use it only as a woods bike. The price is just under $2000

The other one is a 2006 KTM 250 xc-w. Pretty much a stock bike asking price is $2000

I'm about 5'9" and 140-145 with gear (just a guestimate)

I'd say that honestly my riding ability would be a mid to higher ranking C or Lower B

I've spent some time on a ktm 250sx and enjoyed

and I've spent a good deal of time on a KDX220R

I ride New England trails, so basically a mix of everything sand, hard stuff, clay, mud, rocks, roots, hills, anything else you can think of ...

I personally own a 150RB and have spent a lott of time riding/racing that, but the reason I'm looking to go with the two stroke is that I can do most of the maintenance myself .. and for a good deal less money. Oh and that added bonus of a few less pounds :thumbsup:

I'm looking for one of these bikes to have a smooth power delivery across all gears/rpm's, something that you can lug down low without a problem, also dependability is huge.

I've tried to find a comparison between the two bikes, but can't being that they're two different sizes and years. In all my researching one thing I've become really concerned with is part availability.

(Live in Northeastern CT and there's really no dealerships for either brand around)

Just something else I'm trying to consider as well.

I currently just picked up an 07 GasGas 300 and love the thing. But haven riden both kdx's and Ktm 200/250/300, I would go for the larger displacment. The ktm200 is alittle lacking in power to me, i imagine the GG200 is similiar. I would take a GG/KTM 250/300 over any 200. As far as parts. at least with GasGas there very easy to get, and pretty cheap (compareable or cheaper then the same parts for my YZ250). Gofasters.com has any aftermarket OEM or aftermarket gasgas parts you could need in stock, and ship fast. Also my local dealer (www.smithspowersports.com) has even better prices and will ship stuff, stocks almost everything. I can honestly say I can get parts faster for my GasGas then my YZ. Im sure there is similiar distributers for KTM but i just dont know them.

My vote would be for the GG. I kike KTM's, they are good bikes, and the 250 will have more power than the 200 GG. I just perfer the handling and balance on the GG bikes. I have a 2010 GG 300 and as stated getting parts is easy. If I run a cross a well kept GG 200 I'm gonna pick it up. Good luck,

The comparison can make things easy, But for a KTM , I learned that working and TLC, is just as easy, but I also am looking for a GG, and compared too the 300KTM is there a big pressure to go GG, I would tell you, the suspension on a 300 had better be spot on..so If looking at the KTM the TLC is there, for sure!

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