Lots of boot talk so when is it time to throw the old away?

I ask because I have the Tech 6 and the Tech 8 (obviously wear the 8's all the time) and the 8's buckles all work, the soles are still solid but they definately aren't as stiff as the 6's. So when is it no longer "protecting" your foot/ankle? Definately don't have play money to buy another pair of 8/10's. They don't fold in half over a fence, but is there a ridgid factor when it's necessary or is it when you can see light through them or the soles?

If they're still in usable condition and you don't use them you can donate them to goodwill or DAV. I've got boots I don't wear but keep them so if I want to take a friend out riding that doesn't have any he can borrow them.

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