how to get rust off plated 2-stroke pipe?

so how do you do it?

Aluminum foil and water

I used a wirewheel on mine. Looks great.

WD-40 and steel wool....gently. I've used it for 30+ years to keep pipes looking good. I also spray the entire engine/pipe/chain with a light coating of WD-40 after washing it to disperse the water. Works well.

^^^what he said. oil and fine steel wool......magic!

I go solvent and emery cloth.

I used to use wd 40 and a scotch brite pad.

Tripple 000 steel wool and soapy water.

Alright so I spent a couple hours with the steel wool and it looks pretty good but not great.  I was doing a little research and found that you can remove rust using electrolysis.  Essentially you submerge the part in water and add some kind of electrolyte to the water such as baking soda.  Then drop in some steel bars along the outside of the water and connect that to the positive lead of a 12 volt car battery charger. Then connect the negative lead to the pipe that is submerged.  You will see bubbles forming and if left long enough all the rust will be gone and the sacrificial steel connected to the positive lead will have been dissolved slightly.  Has anybody tried this method before?  My only hesitation is that it will take the nickel with it.

i ride, have you thought of your question and apparently what a fricken waste of money it is to have a pipe plated.  To me, "plated" means it won't rust.  Period.  My YZ had a Procircuit pipe on it and the PO was not good at taking care of his bikes.  A lot of times, rode hard and put away wet - literally.  The pipe was either a Procircuit gold or platinum.  I'm not sure because it was TOTAL rust when I got it and it looked like crap.  I used a wire wheel and semi-gloss high temp paint and it looks 100% better.

Naval jelly!!! Works amazing and gives instant results. Spread on, let sit for 5 mins, wipe off. Brand new finish.

Naval jelly!!! Works amazing and gives instant results. Spread on, let sit for 5 mins, wipe off. Brand new finish.

I'll try that next time.

I'll try that next time.

Somebody in the Yami 2 stroke forum mentioned it to me. I think RCannon. Get it at autozone and it works wonders. I was amazed. Do not put it on an Alum frame though... way too porous!

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