07 lower motor mounts cracked

Hi Guys

As my first post I've just purchased a 07 rmz 250 and after rolling it to the garage and cleaning it up I noticed the lower motor mounts have a nice crack in them. :thumbsup: Searching Google I found this archived thread where someone had the same problem and was able to get their frame replaced from Suzuki ->


Anyone around that has seen this or any comments if the dealer will do anything here? I plan to call the seller tomorrow and see if he was aware or is willing to make a concession but I'm not holding my breath since a deal is a deal..

what do you all think? Am I an idiot for not noticing till I handed over the cash? or do I still have a chance the dealer will fix it?

well the dealer just shat on my hope, I called suzuki and asked them to escalate the request, but it was already denied by the regional rep... FML

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