wr426 kick starter wont move, but can turn from crank

K, I'll have to check with the guy at the shop as far as what he can do.

I know he is recutting the valves (intake anyway) and the exhaust valves will be new so they will be cut etc to fit. The exhaust valve guides will also be replaced.

I am assuming when you say valve grind you mean that the seats and valves will be rematched so to speak, ???

As far as a port job, are you recommending just having the ports bead blasted or something to smooth them out or actually enlarge them?

I do not have the head at a race shop but rather at a guys machine shop who has been doing cylinder heads for more years than I have been alive.

He did my cylinder head in my Acura when I bent some valves and I have put about 30k miles since, still works, figured I'd use him again.

big bore cam in the mail today...

rest of the parts are ready for me to pick up....

yeahhhh can't wait to be riding again :ride:

Got it running today. Thanks all for the help. Sounds bad ass with the big bore.

Can't wait to finish breaking it in so I can open it up!

Link of it running:

I have the same $$$ motor in my "00 WR400 with head work and a YZ auto-d cam.

Smooth and very fast!

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