Help Identify Switch Assemblies (Supposedly from a 2005 Suzuki DRZ400s)

In brief summary of this thread, I am installing a new wiring harness and front components for my Suzuki DRZ400. I purchased on eBay what were listed as 2005 DRZ400s switch assemblies, but as I've come to find that the DRZ400 has a 6-pin connector for their switch assemblies rather than the 7-pin connectors manufactured on the switches I purchased.

I was hoping someone could inform me which bike(s) these switches are compatible with so I could be accurate in my argument to the original seller, or worst case, if I need to resell them myself.

Here is the left switch assembly that controls the lighting/hi-low beams/turn signals/horn:


And the right switch assembly that is the start/kill:



Both assemblies are in very good condition and I will be making a for sale listing for these (send a PM now if you're interested) as soon as I know what bike(s) they are compatible with.

Shameless bump, trying to get this resolved. Thanks!

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