2004 gas gas ec 250 kick satnd?

I just picked up an 04 ec250 and I was wondering if I can put a kick stand on it.

I also need to know where I can get a power valve gasket, and generaly any good websights that sell 04 gas gas products.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

it should have a kickstand on it.. they are gas gas only..

gofasters.com for all your parts needs, but call them, the online catalog on thier site is awful..

The kickstands are big bucks. My 01 gg that I had didn't come with one and I asked my local dealer and he said something over $200...yikes!!! Lots don't like the kick stands and take them off. I figure there's one for sale on ebay/craigslist somewhere for a lot less. Try checking there first.

I have a kick stand but the top section is cracked and needs replaced where the bolt goes through into the swing arm. I'm sure you can purchase the cracked part. If you are interested PM me and I will sell it cheap.

Thanks. I actually found a used one from a guy at GoFaster while ordering some parts. Great guys to work with!

Thanks again

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