Balancing costs of dirt biking

Looking for some tips on balancing the costs of riding. Does any one out there have a percentage of their income that is budgeted for riding so they dont go over board? Reason being is I sold my old bike and buying a new used bike, but I tend to get excited about buying new toys and spend too much.

From a financial stand point, if I made 80,000 dollars after taxes which i dont, and went out to buy a dirt bike i would blow 10% of my yearly salary! Some people dont even save that much a year for retirement. Now if i went out and bought a 2000 dollar dirt bike, and make 40000 that is still 5%. Now add in gas and parts, you have another 5 to 10 percent of your salary spent if you ride a lot. Good thing we dont have to buy a bike every year.

I realize buying bikes and riding is a very poor financial investment unless you can some how put a price on the joy it brings you.

So how do you guys budget your riding expenses?

I stash $200 a month in my own seperate account through direct deposit, then install my new parts on the bike and hide the boxes before my wife see's them! :thumbsup: Probably not much help for you though.

Just get a few credit cards and take out some loans, its the american way.

No hobbies are good financial investments.................. unless you belong to an investment club. They are usually financial drains. How can you put a price tag on your enjoyment?

In the grand scheme of things we aren't on this rock very long, you might as well live it up. Listen to me, I'm lucky to get out twice a month. I take an allowance from my pay and that covers all my fun, my bike, riding, parts and lunches. I save up in the winter for riding. Have fun.

I don't make a lot my self and can only afford to get out once a month... I budget in a my riding amount sort of like a bill...It never takes that amount to ride with so I stash the rest for tune ups. If anything breaks for I have to replace something major I will use money from my savings account BUT only when I have a plan to pay it back...I can normally find the money somewhere though.

I cancelled my $150 per month cable TV and got netflix through my PS3 for $8. Now I use that cash as my monthly riding budget.:thumbsup:

I convinced the wife to buy a bike, take her along and constantly pass comments like "isnt it so nice out here in the woods riding with friends" as well as other encouragement in her ability and constantly stop to take video of her in action and photos.. My riding budget is as much as I can use and still pay all my other bills and she never says a thing. I just make sure I buy a couple parts for her bike here and there and let her know when I worked on her bike.. She is now totally into it, not like me. She wont go every weekend but she likes to get out and loves climbing tough hills and feeling like she conquered them..

i spend bout 90% of my income on beer and riding. the rest is just wasted. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I assume that dirt biking will end me before I retire.

And no wife no kids and I drive an 18 year old compact truck. The other perspective that I like is that every motorcycle I've ever bought totals up to less than a new pickup.

A used bike is a good start. Now take it one step further and buy 2 stroke or a old school 4 stroke (XR400 etc). I know that newer 4 strokes have gotten more reliable but a rebuild still costs more that a 2 stroke. And if your 4 stroke has a major failure, which is very possible on a used bike.... good bye budget. And when you get the bike only spend money on maintenance and repair parts. I know its nice to throw on that fancy new pipe, but do you really need it? In reality any bike made in the last 10 years has enough performance stock for 90% of the riders out there. Get a service manual and learn to do your own repairs. How do you get to the track or trail? Do you really need that gas guzzling V8. A little Ford Ranger can get 30mpg and carry a couple of bikes all day long. Or a small car may even be better. I have a little trailer I tow behind my 05 Corolla to carry one bike. I can cruise at 70mph easy and get over 40mpg. Need new tires, parts or riding gear? Only buy stuff on sale. You may have to make a small sacrifice in what you purchase but it won't make a difference if you get more riding time.

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I used to track all my expense back in the serious racing days. But since I got married I don't want the wifey knowing just how much this "fun" costs. I seem to remember spending around $10-12k a year with a new bike that is. Now that I have 3 kids I haven't bought a new bike in a few years and just make sure I take dang good care of the ones I have. I sock $200 a month into my fun account which pays for my bikes, my kids bikes, and my '57 chevy. The only debt I currently have is my house.

I make good money but paying for dancing, swimming, piano, cloths etc costs a lot.

You have to remember to pay yourself first. Put away funds for retirement, kid's college, etc. Pay monthly bills such as house and car payments. Buy food, clothing, etc. Tithing if that applies to you. Don't forget to put some away in savings for an emergency. Anything that's left over gets spent on entertainment (cable, kid's sports, riding, etc.) Follow this and you should be okay.

The Feds have screwed-up the off-shore reef fishing regulations so bad that I have put my grouper boat up for sale after 20 years of hard-core fishign addiction. My new dirt bike hobby is small potatoes compared to the cost of maintaining an offshore fishing boat.

The more you think about cost the less you will fun you will have. If you have to think about what the cost are you should just be a spectator.

The way I look at it is my money wont be with me when I am dead. I go to work part time and school full time and all I really think about is being able to moto on the weekends. So I do whatever it costs to make it a great experience because I know I will be back at school/work starting on monday. I have no price tag on my riding!! haha I wish. But seriously if it makes you happy and keeps you sane then that is why you go to work all week knowing that you will be able to ride ( no matter the costs) on the weekend!!!!

Or just start buying lotto tickets....

Yikes, Time to run for the hills. Using words like investment, financial, budget, income, etc. in the same sentence or paragraph with dirt bikes, joy, fun, camaraderie, just isn’t happening. (Sure, I know what your asking, How much money can a guy spend on dirt bikes before the wife gets angry and goes to see a lawyer? NO answer to that one my friend.) My friend, there is NO price to joy. Money never has nor will it ever buy joy or happiness. If you enjoy something, work to make it happen, don‘t ever try to buy it or budget for it. Life flows from the heart not the pocketbook.

Although funding dirt bikes from discretionary income is a good idea. Also, never spend her mad money on your dirt bikes.

I would suggest that any hobby should not take the place of saving 10% (or hopefully more) of your income for emergencies and retirement. If it does, at some point between the ages of 59.5 and 67 (if not way sooner) you will be really sorry. After that much saved and your bills paid, spend what you wish with the confidence of knowing that you haven't royally screwed your future self, and that motorcycles can be your hobby for a lifetime.

The fact that this isn't beaten into the heads of schoolchildren is a sin.

Sorry, rant over. Just a pet peeve, that's all. :thumbsup:

Spent about 26% of our household income on racing last year or right at $26,800 actually thinking of trying some kind of business entity related to racing see if we could recoup some tax money but FEID's Quarterly deposits, state permits local permits geeez!

Riding keeps me healthy (except when I'm hurt) I tell my wife that I could be spending it on a fast women instead lol she would rather me ride dirt bikes, I do all my own work and some for riding buddys as well they often buy my gas or parts, I try to ride closer to home now with gas prices thru the moon.

the fact that this isn't beaten into the heads of schoolchildren is a sin.



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