Help! 02 CR250

After months of collecting funds/parts/time, I was finally able to put together my "250f killer." I blew it up at the dunes last winter, I sent the cylinder off for a rebore/port/squish/power valve mod, and a fresh piston. The bottom end still looked great, verified by my MC mechanic buddy. Top end install went wonderfully, and plenty of premix oil was applied during assembly, and torqued to spec (I'm an aviation mechanic, so I can't not torque anything). THe new airstriker, ordered directly from JD jetting was a bear to get in, but I think it's in there pretty solid now.

The problem comes when the bike was ready to be started. I kicked it over a few times by hand, to ensure there was no binding/clearance issues... Felt great. Spark plug was thrown in, and again, used my hand to make sure the squish wasn't set too low, but again, felt good- but I sure could feel that higher compression!

A few slow kicks followed while wearing skate shoes, to try and get some fuel into the bottom end, and then I gave 'er hell a few times. I got a couple of pops like it wanted to fire, but no luck. I ended up throwing a boot on, and then it happened- My kick starter is locked parallel to the ground- I can move it all the way down until it hits the peg, but I can't move it back into position. It also looks like I cracked it all the way through on the starter shaft.

Sorry for such a wordy post, but I believe in details. Can anyone help me out!! Please tell me my bike is fine, and I just need a new stompin lever- any troubleshooting tips are also very appreciated! So much for breaking in the top end tomorrow :thumbsup::thumbsup::cheers:

R&R kick lever- cks ok?

you'll need to take the clutch side case off and look at the spindle as well as the spring and gear .. something is busted or spring fell out ..

Roll start it, you dont need a kick starter to start it to break it in.

Roll start it, you dont need a kick starter to start it to break it in.

YES YOU DO .. i would not roll start a new motor for the first time .. thats asking for trouble just fix the kick start.. if theres something loose in the case you don't want it banging around !!!! take the cover of and look/fix it the right way don't be a clown :thumbsup:

The index marks are sometimes hard to see on the starter ratchet. Check the ratchet and return spring. You'll have to pull the right crankcase cover to inspect.

Thanks gents, I'll take a look when I get back from my work trip... in three agonizingly long weeks!

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