'01 WR Suspension Adjustment Questions

I have a '01 WR and the forks seem pretty harsh in the woods. I was given a pretty strong reference to the mechanic at the Yamaha shop here in town so I asked him what he thought. Here's what he said needed to be done to the forks before they will perform well:

* Something with the mid-valve (didn't catch it)

* Lighter oil weight

* Different oil level

He said the stock springs are good and that I would notice a *huge* difference with these few changes. Of course, he wants $200 to do the job (3 hours of shop time @ $65/hr + parts).

I've never done my own oil changes/adjustments to any of my past bike's forks, just because it's a bit intimidating; *I would love to do the work myself, with some TT instruction, however.* :) I did take a few clicks out of the rear to soften it up a bit, and that seems to be working well.

BTW, I'm 5'10, 210lbs, pretty aggressive riding style, mostly woods riding but would like to get a little track and dunes time to get more comfortable in the air.

Any tips you can give would be great...

I had never so much as changed the oil in forks prior to purchasing the WR426, but the manual recommends changing it after break in and my dealer told me their was 'shipping'

oil in with the fork oil that could damage them, so I wanted to get it out of there as soon as possible whether he new what he was talking about or not. I found some good instructions at www.motocross.com/motoprof/moto/mcycle/kayabafork/kybfrk.html. Good pictures and more detail about things you may find useful.



Go to racetech.com and go to their suspension area. They will recommend your proper settings for your bike based on your weight, riding ability, and terrain. I did this for my 2000 WR and it made a huge difference.


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