piston sizing

Hi guys i have a 525 exc and im wanting to replace the piston with a newbie. My piston reads 94.95 size 1

My mechanic said to buy a 95.96 but am now unsure what to order, prices are alot cheaper in America than Australia. The question is: Is it a standard A,B,C,D? i have no idea

I think he meant 94.96? which is 100th of a mm bigger.

I stock & use the Woosner piston (better replacement) and their 2nd step up is .25mm larger, what I find is if the bore has enough wear to use it the bore is worn to the max.

I would also question, does it need a piston? Typically the OEM piston outlast 2 sets of intake valves, where are you on valves?

My mistake it was meant to be 94.96. The intake valves are good as i redone the head about 20hrs ago. The mechanic said a 94.95 would be fine but a 94.96 would be great

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