XR hotcam

Just fitted a 425 kit with a stage 1 hotcam to my XR400. Now it goes great but I struggle to kickstart as I'm too light. Is it possible to make-fit the decrompressor from the original cam to the hotcam?:thumbsup:

Don't believe they work with hotcams.

Are you getting the piston to the top of it's stroke before kicking it?

All you need to do.Adjust comp.lever so when you hold down all the way to kick start.It works a small amount.Then let go after it starts.Works much better then auto unit.

I've got a Hot Cams in my 250, here is what I do: Roll the bike over to TDC, release compression with the manual decompressor and roll the bike just past TDC, then give it a good kick right through to the bottom. I didn't take long at all to get used to using the manual decompressor to roll it past TDC.

Thanks mate, I'll try that

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